The female lion, or lioness as she is more often called, is known to be fierce protectress of her cubs. Most mothers have to step in when things get a bit too competitive and boisterous between father and sons, but it seems that it's not exclusive to humans. There is even a picture to support this not so rare phenomenon of a lioness taking a swipe at the father of their cub after a stand- off between the pair.

The father hit a raw nerve when he growled fiercely at the two-month-old, causing the lioness to strike a warning blow across his face. There is even a video of a brave mother lion that fought a vicious crocodile to allow hercubs’ safepassage across a river. Unfortunately, this behavior does not always translate itself into the human world. Many mothers are not willing to put themselves in harm’s way to protect their offspring.

May is the month of the year that we honor and dedicate a day to the mothers of the world. We celebrate the women who gave birth to us and attempt to thank them for being there to love and protect us, their offspring. We celebrate the fact that we were chosen by God to be raised and nurtured by these wonderful group of women. However, it is also a time to reflect on those things that mothers aren’t doing to protect their children.

Far too often than we care to think about let alone mention, some mothers are failing to protect the most precious gift that God has ever bestowed upon women, their own children.God gives us an awesome responsibility when he gives us children. As mother’s we are responsible for their care and well-being. Supporting our children goes beyond what you can only see and touch. Supporting our children also means developing their minds, their spiritual lives, and the very essence of who they are and what they will become. But most of all, we are responsible for their protection.

Help us celebrate the real queens of the jungle, Mothers who do whatever it takes to nurture, love and protect their cubs.

Happy Mother’s Day.
Many Blessings,
Jacqueline D. Moore
Congratulations for Sharel E. Gordon-Love!
The Putting Away was #1 on Amazon's Top 100 African American Christian Fiction:

Sharel E. Gordon-Love

Congratulations to S.D. Denny to her 5-star review on her novel, Half.

S.D. Denny

SD Denny also won the Spring 2013 “Just Because” award from Peace In The Storm Publishing.
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