Peace Loyal Readers:

“I walk by faith and look for things yet to come. My soul and my spirit in you my lord I trust. Held up by the knowledge hat you, you are just. I know that you care and will always be there. Dear Spirit, watch over me, Teacher and my comfort be. My spirit, My Lord set free, as I draw close to thee. Be with me in darkest night. Shield me from evil's might. Remove from my side the thorn Be my Peace In the Storm.”

Those are the words to “Peace In The Storm” a song my father, Jazz Musician, Joe Thomas, wrote when I was eight years old. I remember him playing the melody on the piano at our home in Newark, New Jersey. I also remember reading the words and it was then that I realized the power of words and I began to write. I’ve been writing ever since then, for thirty years.

I had to go to these words and lean on them one year ago when my beautiful mother died. She died. The thought of it still makes me numb. The fact that I have to say, “My Mother is dead,” destroys me. She died. My mother is dead. And, when she died, I died. I kept dying. Each day, a part of my soul seemed to die. My spirit suffered a long and painful death because the woman who birthed me, who was my breath taker when I could not breathe on my own was gone. My lifeline disappeared and the journey to her disappearance, that awful cancer, changed me in a way that’s hard to explain. One thing is for sure, I am forever changed.

I died the day my mother did.

I slept for eighteen hours a day sometimes. There were times I didn’t sleep at all. Grief overwhelmed me internally. For the better part of six months I was on auto-pilot.

I didn’t miss a beat with life it seems. I functioned, and only by the grace of God did I function.

Then, one day, I was awakened. Fresh air was blown into my lungs. I became alive again. I looked at my legs and my pretty feet. I stared in the mirror and saw the shape of my eyes. The pout in my lips. The color of my skin. I thought about my generous spirit. My gifting soul. I was reminded of my kind and gentle nature. I, too, was reminded of my feisty mouth. I took my hair out of my signature scarf. I combed and brushed my hair. I washed it. I remembered the way I walk, tall, straight, with confidence.

My spirit was awakened. I was reborn. The rebirth of my soul was happening and I whispered the words, “She lives, because I live.” She lives because I have her feet. She lives because her generous, giving, gifting soul lives in me. She lives because of that feisty mouth she passed down to me.

I live. I can live. Because she lived.

Isn’t it something how God works in our lives? The rebirth of my soul and spirit is in alignment with the Rebirth of Peace In The Storm Publishing. The authors here stood by my side, as I have never left their side, through it all.

I feel in my heart and soul that we are evolving and journeying to new chapters; to new heights and are undergoing our own metamorphosis of being born again.

On behalf of the authors of Peace In The Storm Publishing, I welcome you to the “Rebirth of Peace.” At our new home of you’ll see a culmination of everything that we put our heart and soul into on a daily basis. You’ll see memories of happy times passed and hopes for our literary future.

We love you and we thank you for the support over the years. The absolute best is yet to come.

Remember, even when you’re gone, your soul can still be reborn.

Always and in All Ways,
I remain,

Elissa Gabrielle

Congratulations to our Queen, Niyah Moore on being selected as an
alternate feature in the April issue of Black Expressions for her
Peace In The Storm debut, Major Jazz.
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What’s next for Stacy-Deanne?
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The Wild Life
by Stacy-Deanne

When Albany Detective Brianna “Bree” Morris learns that Cuban crime lord Milan Varela wants her estranged father dead, she heads off to Miami to find out why. With Homicide Detective Jayce Matthews and her ex-lover Detective Steven Kemp she devises a plot to get close to the Varela organization.

Brianna finds herself attracted to the older Milan and falls deep into his web of seduction while fighting to keep her mind on her mission. Milan is equally drawn to Brianna and vows to win her trust and her heart.

Want to know what’s coming up next?
Brian Ganges’ Lord, Deliver Me from Church Folks
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Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks
by Brian Ganges

Have you ever felt condemned, belittled, humiliated or judged by someone in the Church? A place that should be known as an oasis of love that provides spiritual support, guidance, and refuge. Unfortunately, it is often characterized as a place that is full of bondage, drama, confusion, betrayal, and insensitivity, where many people extol the preacher more so than God. In his second book, “Lord, Deliver Me From Church Folks,” award winning author Brian Ganges breaks through the walls of religion and political correctness, while confronting matters that many in the Church sweep under the proverbial “rug.”

Jacqueline D. Moore reaches for new heights of awareness and
tackles hard-hitting subject matter with Chains of Deception
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Chains of Deception
by Jacqueline D. Moore

“What Happens in this house, stays in this house.”

Renee was a woman who seemed to have it all; a wonderful husband, loving family, wonderful church family, great job and the house of her dreams.  She and her husband Gary have a very loving relationship.  Or do they?

From the outside, Renee’s world gives the appearance of perfection.  That is until a mysterious new broker by the name of Stephen Morretti begins working at the same firm with Renee.  He is very charismatic and there is definite sexual tension between him and Renee.  He will become the catalyst for Renee’s voyage into a world of addiction.


What’s lurking around in the mind of Elissa Gabrielle?
Wonder what else she has up her sleeve as she is Master Planning?
A one-of-a-kind anthology that has never been done before in our literary community.
Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night debuts this summer.
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Anthology: Pillow Talk in the Heat of the Night

The most sensual aphrodisiac is when seduction, gingerly applied, meets the tantalizing space found between ear to ear. When the mind is stimulated, the body becomes a willing follower. We are slaves to our erogenous zones; and passionate lovers know the secrets of caressing the right spots to ignite flames of arousal. We all possess them, those untamed desires which seek satisfaction between the sheets; and sometimes gratification can only be found through salacious moans, careless whispers and lustful utterances spoken between a man and woman.

In an erotic union of male and female perspective, seven sensual couples unite to take your libido to new heights of eroticism. Through a smoldering written collaboration of lust, love and the pursuit of great sex, these authors take you on sizzling and sultry journeys of mouth-watering and titillating stories guaranteed to satisfy every fantasy or desire; while delivering a much deserved happy ending. These orgasmic tangos are stories of intense passion, captured in a collective voice of a man and woman. Through their eyes, the amorous experience of love making is celebrated; revealing in sexuality and sensuality in their most erotic and exotic forms. From the heavenly and creative minds of fourteen of the most eclectic and acclaimed contemporary storytellers comes a collection of seven seductively designed, pulse-racing stories.


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