June 2014 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

It feels absolutely amazing to be back with my fourth novel and best release to date, Holy Deception. My novel being released in the summer couldn’t have come at a better time. I consider this new season to be a definitive time in my life and I am overjoyed to be releasing my book at such a high time in my life. I’m a firm believer that with each season change there are characteristic changes that happen in life as well.

When I think of the summer season, I am reminded of why I feel that it is the most beautiful time of year. Flowers are fully bloomed, the grass a vibrant shade of green. The sun shines bright, the birds are chirping and mostly everyone you encounter seems to be in a good mood. Children are officially out of school for the summer and vacations are in full swing.

As we usher in the first month of summer, let us be mindful to take full advantage of the time and opportunity that is before us. Use the summer to get started on the things you’ve been putting off. It’s time to pick up the dreams and goals you’ve put down and get busy! The summer is a perfect time to get started. It’s all about making great lasting memories during this time of year. Make this season the most memorable time of your life!  Let the sum of your experiences add color and vibrancy to our lives like never before.

Author Jessica A. Robinson

Real Life, Real Faith
with Cheryl Lacey Donovan


Bad news travels so fast and in this day and age it seems people are drawn to programming filled with negative stereotypes and people with nothing but malice in their hearts and ill-intentions. Those negative images are trickling down into the souls and spirits of our youth because they are influenced by what they see. Are you tired of destructive reality television? Are you looking for that breath of fresh air programming that is wholesome and healing? Looking to be part of the solution and not the problem? Well, so is Cheryl Lacey Donovan!

What Happens when Real Life meets Real Faith?

“Real Life, Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan” is reality television at its best. Think Iyanla’s “Fix My Life” and combine that with the teachings of TD Jakes and Joyce Meyers . Think about how explosive and spiritually uplifting a show like that would be led by a former teen mom turned Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Award-winning Author and Life Coach. Cheryl will help women become the change they want to see in their lives by helping them to identify their strongholds and tearing them down one at a time. Helping women and families in crisis, Cheryl, while utilizing her spiritually-uplifting technique and delivery, will lay the foundation for healing as she helps women and families begin to identify their truth. Cheryl provides the tools to help people become the change they want to see in their lives. “Real Life, Real Faith” is about reaching for our best selves, focusing on what can make our lives meaningful, learning from the mistakes of our pasts and having hard conversations with a spiritual yet deeply grounded approach. “Real Life, Real Faith” is reminiscent of Intervention and daytime talk repurposed into core principles.

We need your help to get this groundbreaking new kind of positive reality television off the ground. Cheryl Lacey Donovan will begin taping “Real Life, Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan” very soon and we are asking for donations to back the filming of high-quality, responsible, healing and nourishing television. We want to send strong, positive messages to our daughters, sisters and mothers. We want to heal broken families. We want to encourage our youth. We want to help viewers and guests release the strongholds in their lives. Whether it’s $1, $5, $50 or $500, your support will help us to reach our goals so that we may reach many, teach many and heal many. It takes a village.

God Bless you for your time and consideration.

Executive Producer,
Elissa Gabrielle


The Elissa Gabrielle Brand Expands.
The Legacy Continues.
The Empire Grows.

Introducing Elissa Gabrielle Entertainment

Coming Soon www.ElissaGabrielleEntertainment.com


Meet Jacqueline D. Moore

Jacqueline Moore is a Christian author who offers spiritual words of encouragement daily on her website at jacquelinedmoore.com.  She resides in Detroit, Michigan with her two sons, James and Joseph.  Jackie has taken courses towards an undergraduate degree in religion and has served as a Deaconess, as well as served on various boards and committees at her church.    

She is the author of “Serving Justice” which won an award for 2009 African American Literary Show romance author of the year, and “Caught in the Middle under the Peace in the Storm Publishing Company imprint. Her third novel “Chains of Deception” will be available May 2013.  Jackie is also a contributing author to several anthologies including releases, "Triumph of my Soul, Stories of Hope, Triumph and Inspiration” "Journeys of Love, Voices of the Heart" and “Gumbo for the Soul, Here’s our Child Where is the Village.” 

Her contributions to online magazines or ezines are many.  They include; Bahiyah Magazine, Precious Stones, Divine Afro European Sisters Network, Rise Up Magazine,  The Blessed Room Magazine, and More Beautiful Woman Magazine.

She has taught a basic computer skills class in an after school program at her church and she has also worked as a consultant for an after-school motivational program that teaches students how to write books. She has been a parent Advocate with the Detroit School Board. Jackie has also served as a consultant to a non-profit organization incorporated to address the problems of domestic violence in a pro-active way.

Jackie is also very active in the Detroit Literary Community and is a prolific public speaker.  She has conducted seminars in the church on Christian issues as they relate to today’s woman and is especially fond of speaking to young women and teaching them not only Christian values but also how to improve their confidence and pursuing their goals and dreams.   Jackie is also an outspoken advocate on improving literacy in the African American Community.

Jerusalem "Jay" Jones has experienced the uglier side of life. As an Iraq war Veteran, he is a hero for bravely putting his life on the line to serve his country. But that unselfish act resulted in him lying in a Veteran’s hospital with injuries he sustained from the war. His present circumstance should be a cakewalk for Jerusalem considering what he has wit- nessed both as a child and while in the heat of battle. The pleasantries of love, laughter and life have always seemed to elude him. From his early days as a child growing up abused and terrorized on the tough streets of Newark, to being all that he could be in the military, Jerusalem’s life has been anything but pleasant and attractive when viewed from the surface. Now, vulnerable and reclusive, he must face the world he joined the military to escape, armed with only dark secrets from his past, a bruised and burdened psyche and limits to him physically.

Jill Lopes longs to fix the wounded and broken, but before she can heal the sick, she must first mend her own battle scars of unhappiness and resistance, and find a way to push past the experiences that haunt her. When fate boldly steps in and introduces itself into Jerusalem's and Jill's lives, they realize that the challenges we meet in life hold the power to open us to a higher, more meaningful existence. Will they both be able to view the world for what it really is under the clear truth of who they are and what they are capable of becoming together? Does beauty really lie in the eye of the beholder?

Experience the power of love on this redemptive journey where the purpose of the tribulations in one's life, will be empowered to reveal the gifts they bring.


Change Me For My Season presents life-changing events that shake Tonya, Denise and Lisa to the core of their beings. The three friends have gone through seasons of life together since childhood, and now that they are older, understanding of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken or given is sobering. Divorce, pregnancy and death are the things the ladies have to come to terms with while raising their own children to adulthood...but will they be able to wrap their hearts and minds around the life-altering events of their lives?

There are natural seasons in life that may remain intact for predictable and expected periods of time, but we cannot expect the same of God’s seasons in our lives.


The woman you love to hate is back once again with even more drama than ever before.

In a quest to start a new life Denise makes the decision to move to Florida and while in route she meets world renowned televangelist Donovan Rodgers and her life changes forever. Finally she feels like she has found the man of her dreams. But not everyone seems to be on board with their whirlwind romance especially not Donovan’s assistant Malcolm. After Denise says “I do” she realizes the person she thought she married and the person she is actually married to are two different people.

Randy has finally decided to move on with his life and date his ex-girlfriend from the past Alexis. For once in his life he feels like he is in absolute paradise. Things start to get a little sticky however when Alexis ex-boyfriend Teddy emerges out of the middle of nowhere.

Terri and Carlos are enjoying their lives as newlyweds but the honeymoon soon ends when Carlos daughter Lily comes to stay with them for the summer.

Secrets, lies, and double lives all collide in this explosive tale. You think you really know someone but you have no idea...



Glowing Embers in a Dying Fire
By Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan

Description: https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t1.0-9/598505_367079160051185_1359335680_n.jpg

Two Literary Powerhouses unite on a soul-stirring journey that will challenge your conventional thinking; an incredible piece of literature guaranteed to ignite your senses, and fill your spirit. Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan, two storytellers who will conquer universal themes of the power of forgiveness, overcoming adversity and standing tall even after the fire dies.

Description: https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1.0-9/207219_10150488938315109_5995188_n.jpg
Angelia Vernon Menchan

Elissa Gabrielle


Ask Nicely and I Might

by Lorraine Elzia

A twisted game of bewildering intrigue proves positive that six degrees of separation bridge the gap between the sane and the insane. Alex Carlysle is a savvy homicide detective highly respected among her peers and on the fast track to make Captain. When her lover becomes the latest victim in a series of brutal murders, the investigation of the killings becomes personal for her. Not only has she lost the only man who ever understood her, but also catching the killer could be the break she has been waiting for concerning her career. Jade, on the other hand, resides on the opposite side of the law, abiding by a different set of rules - its Jade's way, or no way. Instead of enforcing the law, she is the thorn in its side. Motivated by an urge for revenge, she is a sexy enigma of a serial killer who taunts the police just for the pleasure of it while devouring her prey in the process. As the hunter becomes the hunted, two women, both at the top of their game, are destined for a massive head-on collision with each other. But the thrill of pursuit is not the only tie that binds them; they are also both driven by blood shed and a chain of circumstances that began in the subconscious mind. Ask Nicely and I Might is a racy thriller - fast, furious, and filled with sexy suspense. A wicked game of cat and mouse where time is rapidly running out and with the hunter and hunted lives on the line, they have everything to fight for . . . and everything to lose.


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