July 2014 Newsletter

Dear Readers,

Mid-Year Check Up

Well we have made it to the middle of the year. For some, it may be a welcomed time. A time when everything is going their way. For others it may be a time of confusion. A time of wondering where the year has gone; especially if life is not quite where they expected it to be.

When life isn’t going your way, do you empower yourself to make improvements? Most people are great at getting themselves worked up into a state that’s anything but empowering. When things get challenging, we need all of our resources if we’re really going to turn things around. We all have the power to overcome our negative thinking and emotions. And we all have the power to bring about positive change in our lives. So if this mid year check up finds you needing a new direction or needing to take your life back try these tips to regain some control over your life:

1. Be assertive. Many of us are simply too passive to ever accomplish anything significant. Sometimes you have to declare what you want. Sometimes you have to say ‘no’ to others. You don’t have to be selfish, but there’s nothing wrong with making a decision and then making it happen.

2. Make a list of your 10 greatest strengths. Now think of ways that you can leverage them to your advantage. If you’re going to take back control of your life quickly, you’ll probably need your strengths to accomplish it.

3. It’s also worthwhile to think about your 10 greatest weaknesses. These are commonly the things that get us into trouble. What you can do to reduce the impact of your weaknesses?

4. Stop making excuses. Excuses limit you and prevent you from taking charge of the situation. If you can take responsibility, you can change the situation. Excuses give you a justification for being passive. If you believe that something is outside of your control, you also believe that you can’t do anything to change it.

6. Put first things first. Spend the first hour or two each morning on the most important tasks you have for the day. Your focus and energy will be at their greatest.

7. Decide which area of your life would have the greatest impact if improved. Focus on the one area of your life that will make the biggest difference. If you’re already making $1 million a year, making more money probably isn’t going to have a great impact on your life.

8. Forget about expectations. The whole world seems to tell us what we should be doing. What would you do if you were free of all of those expectations? Choose for yourself for a change.

9. Identify your limiting beliefs. Why aren’t you already living your life the way you choose? What’s preventing you? What are you afraid of? What can you do to work around these challenges? Develop a plan to get past this resistance.

10. Take decisive action. After all of the above steps, you know what you need to do. It’s time to do what needs to be done. Take action. Few things are as fulfilling as having full control over your life. You’ll feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. The world is just sitting there, patiently waiting for you to take control of your life. Get started today by taking the first steps. A few steps each day become quite significant very quickly.

God Bless,
Cheryl Lacey Donovan

Real Life, Real Faith
with Cheryl Lacey Donovan


Bad news travels so fast and in this day and age it seems people are drawn to programming filled with negative stereotypes and people with nothing but malice in their hearts and ill-intentions. Those negative images are trickling down into the souls and spirits of our youth because they are influenced by what they see. Are you tired of destructive reality television? Are you looking for that breath of fresh air programming that is wholesome and healing? Looking to be part of the solution and not the problem? Well, so is Cheryl Lacey Donovan!

What Happens when Real Life meets Real Faith?

“Real Life, Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan” is reality television at its best. Think Iyanla’s “Fix My Life” and combine that with the teachings of TD Jakes and Joyce Meyers . Think about how explosive and spiritually uplifting a show like that would be led by a former teen mom turned Motivational Speaker, Evangelist, Award-winning Author and Life Coach. Cheryl will help women become the change they want to see in their lives by helping them to identify their strongholds and tearing them down one at a time. Helping women and families in crisis, Cheryl, while utilizing her spiritually-uplifting technique and delivery, will lay the foundation for healing as she helps women and families begin to identify their truth. Cheryl provides the tools to help people become the change they want to see in their lives. “Real Life, Real Faith” is about reaching for our best selves, focusing on what can make our lives meaningful, learning from the mistakes of our pasts and having hard conversations with a spiritual yet deeply grounded approach. “Real Life, Real Faith” is reminiscent of Intervention and daytime talk repurposed into core principles.

We need your help to get this groundbreaking new kind of positive reality television off the ground. Cheryl Lacey Donovan will begin taping “Real Life, Real Faith with Cheryl Lacey Donovan” very soon and we are asking for donations to back the filming of high-quality, responsible, healing and nourishing television. We want to send strong, positive messages to our daughters, sisters and mothers. We want to heal broken families. We want to encourage our youth. We want to help viewers and guests release the strongholds in their lives. Whether it’s $1, $5, $50 or $500, your support will help us to reach our goals so that we may reach many, teach many and heal many. It takes a village.

God Bless you for your time and consideration.

Executive Producer,
Elissa Gabrielle

Elissa Gabrielle’s EYE OF THE BEHOLDER named USA TODAY’S
“Must-Read Romance!”

"The beauty of Gabrielle's voice is the deep emotional cadence as we enter each character's point of view. In those special worlds, she writes with the talent to keep you immersed so that you can understand and empathize with their motivations and the conflicts that may overwhelm. Skillful and full of artistry, Gabrielle shares a powerful romance worthy of its resolution." 

~Michelle Monkou for USA TODAY

See full recommendation HERE

Jerusalem "Jay" Jones has experienced the uglier side of life. As an Iraq war Veteran, he is a hero for bravely putting his life on the line to serve his country. But that unselfish act resulted in him lying in a Veteran’s hospital with injuries he sustained from the war. His present circumstance should be a cakewalk for Jerusalem considering what he has wit- nessed both as a child and while in the heat of battle. The pleasantries of love, laughter and life have always seemed to elude him. From his early days as a child growing up abused and terrorized on the tough streets of Newark, to being all that he could be in the military, Jerusalem’s life has been anything but pleasant and attractive when viewed from the surface. Now, vulnerable and reclusive, he must face the world he joined the military to escape, armed with only dark secrets from his past, a bruised and burdened psyche and limits to him physically.

Jill Lopes longs to fix the wounded and broken, but before she can heal the sick, she must first mend her own battle scars of unhappiness and resistance, and find a way to push past the experiences that haunt her. When fate boldly steps in and introduces itself into Jerusalem's and Jill's lives, they realize that the challenges we meet in life hold the power to open us to a higher, more meaningful existence. Will they both be able to view the world for what it really is under the clear truth of who they are and what they are capable of becoming together? Does beauty really lie in the eye of the beholder?

Experience the power of love on this redemptive journey where the purpose of the tribulations in one's life, will be empowered to reveal the gifts they bring.

Meet Pamela D. Rice


The lure of enticing words has always captivated Pamela D. Rice.  Even at the tender age of two, this soulful native South Carolinian would intensely gaze at books, pretending to read and embrace the content within the pages. Pamela became an avid reader, and soon found a natural progression and flair for expressing herself through illuminating words which resulted in her becoming a published poet while in the eighth grade. 
 Known for her stimulating and thought-provoking views, Pamela possesses a fervor for creatively giving a voice to victims who suffer in silence, afraid to speak for themselves. Inspired by everyday situations and social exchanges, Pamela has always enjoyed observing people and dissecting their interactions; this hobby became her muse. It is her desire to become a literary vessel that brings light to the social ill of domestic violence and its reach beyond all racial, cultural and socio-economic class.  Through inspirational prose, she is destined to heal the human soul.

When Pamela is not writing, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring other cultures.

Learn more about Pamela D. Rice at http://peaceinthestormpublishing.com/authorpage/pamela.html.
Peace In The Storm Publishing
Proudly Presents H.M. Trey!

Writing is an expression of what’s in your soul. It’s an art form that allows you to paint pictures with the use of words. The beauty of it is that every soul is different so you are able to enjoy many painted pictures from a diverse array of souls through the act of word play. I find joy in writing, whether it is poetry or novel, for it provides me the perfect platform for self-expression. My pen, my craft, my love.”

~H. M. Trey

Coming Soon from H. M. Trey
Window to the Soul of a Man

The things men don’t talk about…the matters of the heart. Being able to truly see into the soul of a man and understand the deep-rooted emotions that he hides from the rest of the world can be an impossible feat to accomplish. It takes a very special eye to see through the shadowed window to a man’s soul. This is no different as it pertained to Trevor Alexander. He enjoys the life of a smooth talking bachelor who could come and go as he pleases…or so he thinks. Circumstances, and an unfortunate life-changing experience in his past, made him the man that he is today. Once a one-woman man until the travesty of a relationship, he vowed never to be that gullible again for his soul had been forever changed. He tucked away the hurtful skeletons of his past into a dark, deep corner and was hell bent on keeping them from escaping out of the locked closet in his heart.

The window to Trevor’s soul was shut off to the world, never to be opened again; at least that was the game plan. That is, until a woman with a very unique name – Deisyre Moore – came along, breathing life back into his soul. Her ability to see beyond his pain and show him how to love again starts a process that allows Trevor to open up his emotional window again; something that he never thought possible or saw coming. What he also didn’t see coming was the ghost from his past clawing for an opportunity to enter his world again to reopen old wounds.

Trish Parker, Trevor’s first true love and the mother of his deceased son, reappears and brings a cloud of trouble back over Trevor’s life; which leads to potential deadly situations that Trevor is left to encounter. Her reemergence brings chaos into Trevor’s life, forcing him to face the pain that he buried away with his son…the very pain that led Trevor to create a character for himself to live by which is the polar opposite of who he was prior to a life-altering tragedy. As Trevor’s life gets flipped upside down, he has to make a decision to re-enter his past and make amends on what he should have done in the first place. One woman causes a crack, the other threatens to shatter it…will Trevor’s decision to reopen the window to his soul and face his past be the ultimate death of him?


Killing Religion is an insightful look into where the church is now and where it needs to be in the end times. It examines the fruits that Jesus said should identify the church as well as the fruits borne by those who preach and follow the gospel of self. It is a wake up call for those who profess to be believers. In the face of the current condition of the church and religions place in it, we can expect that many will vilify, even denounce, those who speak against some of its modern day trappings. Killing Religion admonishes us not to succumb to the social persecution that will inevitably come as we diligently seek to follow Christ. Even as evil men and impostors grow worse and worse, Killing Religion encourages us to seek to live lives reflective of the God that dwells inside us. Killing Religion cautions us to turn away from our dead religion and to repent from our dead works because God is not moved by the performance of religious deeds if our heart isn’t right, if we are not engaged with the Spirit.

Killing Religion will help you focus on identifying your assignment rather than your position because when we operate in the spirit of assignment we understand the purpose God has for our life and we don’t worry about trying to sound like or act like someone else. Operating in what God has called us to, makes us keenly aware His grace is sufficient. However, when we get out of our lane we open ourselves up to the attack of the enemy and we become discouraged when things are not going smoothly for us like they are for someone else. Therefore, envy, strife, and malice grab hold of our minds because we’re out of grace. Allow Killing Religion to help you unlock the kingdom of God in your life. Discover how to tap into the power of the kingdom that’s within you so that you no longer just do church you become the church.

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Change Me For My Season presents life-changing events that shake Tonya, Denise and Lisa to the core of their beings. The three friends have gone through seasons of life together since childhood, and now that they are older, understanding of how precious life is and how quickly it can be taken or given is sobering. Divorce, pregnancy and death are the things the ladies have to come to terms with while raising their own children to adulthood...but will they be able to wrap their hearts and minds around the life-altering events of their lives?

There are natural seasons in life that may remain intact for predictable and expected periods of time, but we cannot expect the same of God’s seasons in our lives.


The woman you love to hate is back once again with even more drama than ever before.

In a quest to start a new life Denise makes the decision to move to Florida and while in route she meets world renowned televangelist Donovan Rodgers and her life changes forever. Finally she feels like she has found the man of her dreams. But not everyone seems to be on board with their whirlwind romance especially not Donovan’s assistant Malcolm. After Denise says “I do” she realizes the person she thought she married and the person she is actually married to are two different people.

Randy has finally decided to move on with his life and date his ex-girlfriend from the past Alexis. For once in his life he feels like he is in absolute paradise. Things start to get a little sticky however when Alexis ex-boyfriend Teddy emerges out of the middle of nowhere.

Terri and Carlos are enjoying their lives as newlyweds but the honeymoon soon ends when Carlos daughter Lily comes to stay with them for the summer.

Secrets, lies, and double lives all collide in this explosive tale. You think you really know someone but you have no idea...


Glowing Embers in a Dying Fire
By Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan

Description: https://scontent-b-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/t1.0-9/598505_367079160051185_1359335680_n.jpg

Two Literary Powerhouses unite on a soul-stirring journey that will challenge your conventional thinking; an incredible piece of literature guaranteed to ignite your senses, and fill your spirit. Elissa Gabrielle and Angelia Vernon Menchan, two storytellers who will conquer universal themes of the power of forgiveness, overcoming adversity and standing tall even after the fire dies.

Description: https://scontent-a-lga.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/t1.0-9/207219_10150488938315109_5995188_n.jpg
Angelia Vernon Menchan

Elissa Gabrielle


Suicide Diaries

by Ebonee Monique

When Lauren Washington's mother is mysteriously gunned down in their neighborhood, Lauren - a nine year old from Bankhead, Georgia - must quickly grow up and become the woman of her household. Early on, Lauren finds that not dealing with her pain is easier than actually doing so. It's only on the confidential white pages of her diary that Lauren feels free to spill the thoughts from her troubled mind. After finding a job in radio, which allows her to mask her true thoughts and become her on-air persona "Mystique," Lauren believes she's found the perfect blend of privacy and sanity. Today, at age 26, Lauren is one of the top rated deejays in Atlanta, and dangerously in love with her boyfriend of eight years, Brendan. From the outside, everything looks perfect. However when Lauren enlists the help of a private investigator to look into her mother's unsolved murder, strange things start happening. Her father is nervous, her best friends are acting out of character and Brendan begins to withdraw from her and ends up disrespecting her in the boldest way. With visions of her happiness shattering, Lauren scrambles to repair her relationship with Brendan. But, before apologies can be made, Brendan does the unthinkable and commits suicide. Lauren is left to deal with more than her heart or the pages of her diary can handle. Brendan's sneaky double life compels her to figure out who he really was and what the secrets, he died to keep from her, were. Suicide Diaries deals with betrayal beyond the grave and the disbelief and heartache that comes after a suicide. Moving on, once the dirt has been thrown on the coffin, will prove to be the hardest self-evaluation Lauren's ever experienced.


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