February 2015 Newsletter


To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven.

- Ecclesiastes 3:1 King James Version (KJV)

The above scripture is one of the most popular scriptures known to man. It has been used to represent a multitude of possible scenarios. Among the most common forms of usage are to reflect on the passage of time and the moving of people, things and events in and out of our lives. In the sixties, a young pop  group by the name of the Byrds even had a number one hit around the world entitle,  "Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a Season)"   

"Turn! Turn! Turn! (to Everything There Is a However, for me it holds an even deeper meaning. For me it is representative of the fact that everything that we go through in this life has a purpose and is a part of the whats and the reasons why we have been created by God. Every connection that we make, every moment and event  that we experience, every lesson that we learn is to prepare us and bring out our destiny.  A destiny that was placed inside of us even before we were born.

Everyone in the world has a purpose.  Those who understand this know that in order to be fulfilled, it becomes necessary for each of us to find out what that purpose is. Finding purpose is the catalyst to understanding our destiny.  Our destiny is that thing inside of you that can never be completely whole until you fill it with meaning and a reason to exist.

Even though you may run into obstacles and roadblocks, continue moving towards your destiny.  Even when others try to sabotage and undermine your efforts, keep your eyes on the prize.  People will join you on your journey and then for no apparent reason, walk away. That's okay because when your steps have been ordered by the Lord long before you ever even started, it doesn't matter who stays and who goes.

So find your passion and make it your purpose. Your purpose is why you are here.

Work and develop the gift that God has already placed inside of you and walk into your destiny!  

The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, And He delights in his way.
Psalm 37:23  

Jacqueline D. Moore

Black History Celebrates Love

Yes, to everything there is a season.

February brings with it two major celebrations in America, Black History and Valentine's Day. Twenty-fifteen is the season for black love, and while many are celebrating the history of a people whose narrative began before Columbus, still many more are remembering love for Valentine's day. This month we marry black history and black love.

Black love is an integral part of Black History. It was and continues to be black love that allows Black History to live in the memory of America and allows us to maintain our world narrative. Black love brought us this far. It was through love that we survived the many horrendous crimes against us. It was because of love that we did not seek retribution against our oppressors. Black love was and still is our panacea against genocide. While our people were being slaughtered, we continued to love each other and make babies to keep our lineage alive.

Yes, we made babies. Many babies. Little brown babies. Our little brown babies brought us through the middle passage. Our babies brought us through slavery. Our babies brought us through the first reconstruction and Jim Crow and lynchings, the Civil Rights movement and assassinations and buses made with seats for whites only. Our babies went to jail to show that freedom is worth the sacrifice. Our babies were born from love, and that love made "For Whites Only" signs disappear from water fountains and bathrooms and restaurants. It was love that brought our babies into so many tomorrows to live and die for our freedoms so that we could keep making love in the morning, afternoon, evening and night--so we could keep making love in the rain. Our babies gave us the freedom to make deep love, love that rises from down in the soul and remembers why we still survive. We survive because there is a love inside us that won't be extinguished and it keeps us loving our black men and black women and loving those who didn't know how to love us, and loving those who forgot that love heals fear.

Black History Month celebrates black love because it was black love that loved us into where we are today, which is better than where we were yesterday. We were loved into existence. This is our season to celebrate black love so our ancestors will proudly know that we appreciate that which they would never let die, our love for each other and this world. They were the love children who gave birth to love children who today keep the flame of freedom burning. We're not fully free yet. There are a lot of mountains left to climb but love keeps us climbing and reaching for our future. It's just up ahead. And if you look real close at tomorrow, you'll see that love still lives there for us, naked and wanting, vulnerable and free.

Celebrate Black History Month and Black Love.

Make love,

Welcome to Real Life, Real Faith Magazine

"Empowering You to Empower Yourself"

Mission Statement: To encourage, inspire and enlighten people, women in particular, to view all of life's experiences in a realistic and spirit-lifting manner. To provide insightful and intellectual tools necessary to acquiesce through the good and bad events and challenges in life. To aid and facilitate in the ability to find balance – mentally, physically and spiritually – in order to connect with one’s inner spirit and identify truth; thereby becoming more in tune with one’s authentic self.

There are some incredibly powerful articles on Health and Wellness, Everyday Wisdom, Love and Happiness, Politics, Entertainment and more. Please also be moved by our feature cover story on Esther Renee Wright ; "Drugs, Demons and Deliverance."


The Soul of a Man II

Coming Father's Day 2015. The Soul of a Man II.

Through expressions of the history of his past, the reality of his present, and the optimism of his future, these gifted men relate what stirs a man's soul and ignites his actions and his thinking.

Men the world over have always been much maligned and strident in how life portrays and prefaces their successes and failures. This collection of enlightening stories personifies the sentiment, faith, resilience and love embodied in the creation God made in His own image. The Soul of a Man is a Divine truth and an affirmation of the passion running through the minds of men where hearts and souls are bared.

Peace in the Storm Publishing is proud to introduce the brilliant storytellers of The Soul of a Man II: Zach Tate, Brian Ganges, Adrian Milan, KL Belvin, Andre' Jones, Maurice M Gray Jr, Memphis Vaughan Jr, Alvin L. A. Horn, William Fredrick Cooper, Rickey Teems II, Marc Lacy, Alvin C. Romer, Robert Grant, Joey Pinkney, H.M. Trey and Cyrus Webb.

Peace In The Storm Publishing..."Giving Your Soul a Rise...One Page at a Time."


Coming soon: www.TheSoulofaMan.org



As words, Peace in the Storm connotes harmony in the midst of a disturbance in the atmosphere. As authors, Peace in the Storm connects with readers on the deepest and the most intimate levels possible. Language and words are powerful. They encapsulate our very expression, our hearts, our thoughts, and our emotions; and that is why each written page is delivered from our hearts to each reader’s soul. Peace in the Storm… it’s not just a company name, it’s who we are, it’s what we create on every turning page; and whatever your genre, Peace in the Storm has a book that fits your need. I am committed and current in my ability to have the audacity to hope. Hope is the measure where change is giving readers a chance to have choices for good books amid page-turning delight. PEACE IN THE STORM PUBLISHING is here – to stay. The goal of any publisher and author is to garner interest in products that add substance to the soul and manna for the mind. My quest is simple – to produce books that are appropriate, authors who have something entertaining and enlightening to say, and a company that embodies all of the above.

Our Mission…

Peace in the Storm Publishing is a genre-diverse publisher dedicated to delivering literary works that capture the mind and captivate the soul. We are committed to giving our readers an experience that allows them to “Imagine the possibilities, while reading and experiencing them first hand.” At Peace in the Storm, our mission is not only to publish high-quality books, but also to create inspirational, thought-provoking, illuminating and entertaining moments in time. Through the words of talented and gifted authors, we are devoted to elevating not only the reading experience, but to taking the reader on a journey that uplifts, encourages or brings amusement to their life as well.

We are Peace In The Storm Publishing, “Giving Your Soul a Rise…One Page at a Time.”



Coming 2015

"We’ve all got battle scars, you know. Some not as bad as others, but scars nonetheless. Mine you’d never know I had unless I’d told you about them. Some scars you can’t see with the naked eye; they just exist and you learn to live with them. Like mine, acquired over time from a mundane, disappointing existence here in Serenity. Funny how you can be surrounded by so much beauty, yet still find yourself searching for the beauty in life. I thought becoming a nurse would change things for me. But it didn’t. Not at first, anyway. Not until I met Francesca. She was so beautiful and surprisingly uncomplicated…the kind of woman you’d think had it all figured out, whatever that means. But you never know what people have gone through or where they’ve been in their lives…in their hearts. I’d soon learn, though. And I’d come to understand the purpose of our encounter. Some things are just meant to be, you know; some paths…they’re meant to cross. Crossing paths with Francesca changed my life. And The Ruby Ring, well, let’s just say that it opened my eyes to life’s true beauty and gave me the strength to go on."  
~Kellie McGirt, RN

In the Adirondack Mountains of upstate New York lies a small town called Serenity, where Kellie McGirt lives and works as a home duty nurse. Kellie’s humdrum life takes a turn when the agency she works for places her on a case to care for Francesca Ralston, a terminally ill, middle-aged woman and accomplished photographer. While tending to Francesca’s needs at her bedside, Kellie stumbles upon an old manuscript, The Ruby Ring, that opens her eyes to a promise made long ago, and she finds herself in a race against time to see to it that the promise is kept.

Peace In The Storm Publishing
When We Were One by zaji


A race of women have lived in relative peace for centuries. But strange forces have come through the ages to finish what was started.

The opposing forces have their eyes on these special sisters who are unaware of what is on the horizon. These visitors will do anything to acquire the secrets of this ancient culture.

These women are unique in many respects, but none of their abilities can outweigh their ancient methods of reproduction. This, and the very thing that makes them strong, are what the visitors seek.

The sisters must go back through the annals of cycles gone to learn what they’d forgotten. It is in the past that they might be able to save their future.

When We Were One takes readers on a tour through memories of days gone. It is a journey that uncovers the soul of women and the spiritual miles they’ve trod. When We Were One honors nature and the vastness of the many universes that speckle the darkness.

This story honors women and their relationships. And it honors men and their connection to women.

"A searingly imaginative and inventive work...Zaji's feat of infusing a richly-depictive speculative world with historical roots is brilliant. Bravo! "When We Were One" introduces one of America's most brilliant writers to a reading public hungry to return to reading storytellers who have taken their craft to the next level. Zaji is one, and we can only speculate on what she will hit us with next."

- Kalisha Buckhanon, author of Upstate and Conception, winner of the American Library Association's Alex Award, the Terry McMillan Young Author Award and Friends of American Writers 2009 Literary Award in Fiction


"When We Were One is speculative fiction that takes the reader into a place and 'moment' outside of [the] element of time that feels intensely familiar to the reader's spirit. What is most profound about this book is that if you are a 'brown' sister, you may feel at home in 'Gaia' --where the story takes place--with the inhabitants, a race of women called 'Parthonites'.

This book provides life-lessons, and it will leave the reader questioning our world with all of its history of deep dark secrets, and how those secrets lead to the condition of a particular race of people. The reader is left to examine him/herself and his/her purpose for this world."  

- Martha Kimbrough, IN5 (Go On Girl! Book Club)


"When We Were One is an eclectic blend of uniquely crafted social commentary with the oral tradition of our ancestors.  The story, told in the vein of Ursula Le Guin's The Gift and Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower, is rife with parables and truths, questions and thoughts of a future that could be."

- Naleighna Kai, author of Every Woman Needs a Wife


The Waiting Room by Jacqueline D. Moore

Coming 2015

Everybody has a story to tell in life...... and in death.

Life is full of choices and as with all choices there are consequences. Those choices are not only reflected in how we live but those same choices have a bearing on our lives even in death. Everyone has aspirations and expectations for their lives. However, very few actually live up to them.

If given the opportunity to hear the real stories of our loved ones lives, would we see them in a different light? The Waiting Room gives several women the opportunity to do just that, tell us their stories. You will be intrigued as Denise, Abigail, Jasmine and others share with you their deepest thoughts, decision, disappointments and victories in this poignant and moving tell of life and death.

The Waiting Room, where souls go to wait until they say their final goodbyes.


Elissa Gabrielle
Angelia Vernon Menchan
return with
“Women Most Wanted.”


From H. M. Trey
Window to the Soul of a Man


The things men don’t talk about…the matters of the heart. Being able to truly see into the soul of a man and understand the deep-rooted emotions that he hides from the rest of the world can be an impossible feat to accomplish. It takes a very special eye to see through the shadowed window to a man’s soul. This is no different as it pertained to Trevor Alexander. He enjoys the life of a smooth talking bachelor who could come and go as he pleases…or so he thinks. Circumstances, and an unfortunate life-changing experience in his past, made him the man that he is today. Once a one-woman man until the travesty of a relationship, he vowed never to be that gullible again for his soul had been forever changed. He tucked away the hurtful skeletons of his past into a dark, deep corner and was hell bent on keeping them from escaping out of the locked closet in his heart.

The window to Trevor’s soul was shut off to the world, never to be opened again; at least that was the game plan. That is, until a woman with a very unique name – Deisyre Moore – came along, breathing life back into his soul. Her ability to see beyond his pain and show him how to love again starts a process that allows Trevor to open up his emotional window again; something that he never thought possible or saw coming. What he also didn’t see coming was the ghost from his past clawing for an opportunity to enter his world again to reopen old wounds.

Trish Parker, Trevor’s first true love and the mother of his deceased son, reappears and brings a cloud of trouble back over Trevor’s life; which leads to potential deadly situations that Trevor is left to encounter. Her reemergence brings chaos into Trevor’s life, forcing him to face the pain that he buried away with his son…the very pain that led Trevor to create a character for himself to live by which is the polar opposite of who he was prior to a life-altering tragedy. As Trevor’s life gets flipped upside down, he has to make a decision to re-enter his past and make amends on what he should have done in the first place. One woman causes a crack, the other threatens to shatter it…will Trevor’s decision to reopen the window to his soul and face his past be the ultimate death of him?


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