June 2015 Newsletter

Dear Readers:

June…the month for fathers.

Traditionally the month of June has been reserved as the month to celebrate fathers. No matter the ethnicity or the culture, a father is typically looked at as the provider and protector of the home and family. Whether it’s a biological father or a father figure, it is important that that biological father or father figure play an active role in that home and family’s lives. When I speak of active I not only speak of being a provider and protector but I also speak of being a teacher, a positive role-model, a leader, an inspiration, a guider, and a comforter just to name a few of the many roles of a father. As a father it is important to be that role-model for your children. For the boys a father should teach how to be a man, how to take on responsibility, and how to treat a woman. For the girls a father should be that example of how a man should treat a woman, what not to take from a man, and the real qualities to look for in a man. This along with the assistant of an equally loving mother helps to raise children into responsible men and women.

As a father I understand how hard it is sometimes to make sure that you are leading that good example and being the best father you can be. I completely understand! But as fathers we have to own up more to our responsibilities and be real providers and protectors for not only our individual homes but for the society we live in as well. In the light of all the craziness that is going on in our society, which continues to be a huge “elephant in the room” in most cases, I believe that it now time for ALL fathers, no matter race, religion, or sexual orientation, to step up and help heal all the open wounds still plaguing our society. These open wounds are very evident when we turn on the television, browse through social media, or even when we step outside the doors of our homes. Someone has to play an active role in resolving the mess we as a people have helped create in this society. So why not it start with the men…the fathers!

This month, we at Peace in the Storm want to honor the father’s out there and wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day. Despite having one day to celebrate you for being that hero, that husband, that father or step-father, that uncle, that brother, that friend, you continue to have the honor of being called father by someone 365 days a year. And that is truly an honor and a blessing…so make the absolute best of the opportunity given. In closing always remember this…regardless of any storm that you may face in life always remember to find your peace within that storm!

Happy Father’s Day from the Peace in the Storm Family…

Much Love to you all,
H. M. Trey

Jacqueline D. Moore’s
“Forgive Me America if I Choose Not to Celebrate Caitlyn Jenner”

Original Blog Post
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Sometimes it is better to stand alone and be politically incorrect for yourself rather than to simply follow the rest of the sheep to slaughter.

But mark this: There will be terrible times in the last days. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money,boastful, proud,abusive,disobedient to their parents,ungrateful, unholy, without love, unforgiving, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not lovers of the good,treacherous,rash, conceited,lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God—having a form of godliness but denying its power. Have nothing to do with such people. 2 Timothy 3: 1-5 New International Version (NIV)
Forgive me America if I do not stand with you to celebrate the brave, bold and very public statement that Bruce Jenner has decided to make by becoming the person he has always believed himself to be, a woman. Now before I go any further, I would like to make one thing perfectly clear. I harbor no malice, anger or hatred towards Caitlyn/Bruce. However, I do not agree with those who would choose to celebrate and elevate his choice as being courageous. You see, in deciding to finally accept who he really is, Caitlyn/Bruce is simply choosing to do what most of us are forced to do every day of our lives whether we like it or not. Be ourselves.

Now to those of you who may not have a clue as to what I may be referring to, allow me to make it personal for me. I was born into this world as a woman of color. I had no choice, no say so and most of all nothing significant to offer should I choose to change from the person God created me to be. I am a Black female of a certain age who has simply decided to be.
I along with many of you, haven’t always liked what life had sent my way, but I keep on keepin on. In spite of the roadblocks and obstacles that have been placed before me by a world who quite honestly never really took the time to get to know me or ever bothered to ask what I wanted. A world that continues to try and tell me whats important to me and what it is I should or shouldn’t be doing, saying or accepting.

A world that tries to tell me to embrace things that I don’t accept as my reality. And before anybody says another word, what you choose to do with your life is your choice. I just choose not to make it mine. No judgment. That judgment is not mine to make. However, please stop telling my that I am wrong to believe in the concept of One God. Man and Wife, and not in the concept of if it feels good do it. Because just in case many of you have yet to find out, just because it feels good when you do it doesn’t mean there won’t be a price to pay later. Sorry, I digress.

Please stop trying making those of us who are trying to hold on to our faith think that there is something wrong with us because we don’t believe what you believe. God gave each of us free choice. Even you. So please don’t think you can silence me with disapproving looks, rude comments and bullying tactics. I will still pray in public, pray to my God and display my Christian values proudly.

And no, I will not be celebrating Caitlyn/Bruce with you. I have far too many more pressing matters to concern myself with. Things that matter to me. Like the loss of innocent lives. Hunger, poverty and war.

And most of all please remember this above all else, God will not be mocked. That is all.
Be blessed and be a blessing

Jesus Weeps! Amen.

The June/July issue of Real Life, Real Faith Magazine is Live!


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The Pastor's Ex's


Elise has been perfectly content with being the consummate wife and mother that she always felt she'd been destined to be. That is until one conversation out of the blue completely changes everything and challenges everything that Elise had believed to be true. Now she is faced with having to live life by her own rules and operate under a new normal.

Raegan far from contentment in her life with her husband Demetrius, feels like she is literally trapped until the love of her life shows up out of nowhere and interrupts her entire game plan. Raegan must now choose between following her head or following her heart.

Brooke prides herself in having the best of everything even if that meant stepping all over her husband Mark in order to do so. Her deceiving ways leaves her in a world of trouble that even Tom Ford or Christian Louboutin can’t get her out of and she is left with having to deal with the aftermath of her decisions.

The Pastor's Ex's explored the lives of three friends who all coincidentally find themselves on the flipside of marriage and the trials and tribulations they face as they navigate through this unfamiliar season in their lives.

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Like Water for Chocolate

Indigo Jones had a love affair with words and sounds. The eccentric, yet broken beauty understood the power of the written and spoken word. She often embraced the healing powers of water - the ocean breeze against her face. She was mesmerized by sound, most notably; jazz. While studying the history of jazz in New Orleans, fate rears its beautiful head.

Isaiah Underwood, a community organizer and history enthusiast, who was convicted of murder during Hurricane Katrina, is in the midst of the fight for his life, sanity and freedom. New Orleans has the power and magic to bring unknowing lovers together with the pulse and vibrancy the city beholds. The breath of new life revives yearning spirits and resuscitates weary souls. Life can change in an instant and Indigo is faced with immeasurable odds, while Isaiah maintains his innocence. In this poignant tale of triumph over adversity, both are awakened by the light of the sun and the sound of the living waters running deep.

“Like Water for Chocolate” an Elissa Gabrielle Original debuts Christmas 2015.

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Grin and bear it was usually how First Lady Catrice Greene was able to make it through considering she never wanted to be a First Lady to begin with. Growing up a PK (preacher’s kid) she knew firsthand the types of issues and drama that can plague a church, and the pastor’s family in particular. Besides, why suffer through what it seemed her mother did?

Unfortunatel thaty this time tolerance is not the key and not one thing was funny when a serious accusation about Pastor Carlton Greene touched up close and personal. Instead of starting and ending where it began, it had a rippling effect throughout the congregation. But what should be done about the very thing that God says in His Word that He hates? Sweep it under the rug, pretend it did not happen, or act like it is the norm? 

“Messy” will not just bring you church drama, but will address it and find a resolve that will bring healing and love.

Forging Chains The Series Part I: The First Link
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The Waiting Room by Jacqueline D. Moore

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The Waiting Room
by Jacqueline D. Moore

Everybody has a story to tell in life...... and in death.

Life is full of choices and as with all choices there are consequences. Those choices are not only reflected in how we live but those same choices have a bearing on our lives even in death. Everyone has aspirations and expectations for their lives. However, very few actually live up to them.

If given the opportunity to hear the real stories of our loved ones lives, would we see them in a different light? The Waiting Room gives several women the opportunity to do just that, tell us their stories. You will be intrigued as Denise, Abigail, Jasmine and others share with you their deepest thoughts, decision, disappointments and victories in this poignant and moving tell of life and death.

The Waiting Room, where souls go to wait until they say their final goodbyes.

Forging Chains: The First Link by Jacqueline D. Moore

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Forging Chains: The First Link
by Jacqueline D. Moore

As little children, we all believed in miracles. We believed that anything could happen and it usually did. We saw them all the time. We could experience the perfect day, the joy of playing with friends and the thrill of being all grown up and staying up late and playing under the streetlights. We experienced the rush of trying to eat an ice cream cone before it had a chance to melt and run down your arm and what if felt like to know the comfort and love that comes from being around those we loved. And when we said our prayers at night and chased the boogeyman away, we never expected him to return. But then one night, he did. What secrets will be revealed when Renee learns that boogeymen really do exist?

Every chain has a beginning and an end. We know where it begins. How can we know where it will end?


Coming Soon from H. M. Trey
She Will Be Loved


Deisyre Moore, a woman with a unique name chosen by her mother, was destined from birth to grow up to be a special woman in one lucky man’s life. She Will Be Loved is the tale of her journey to find real love, affection, and protection; things she has never known, and the events she has to endure along the way.

Deisyre’s first boyfriend turns out to be a lowlife who scars her for years. Despite this bad experience with relationships, she gave it another shot when she met Tim Wallace, which becomes her first attempt at giving love a try. Her first real love, brings her face-to-face with the same type of abuse that she witnessed her mother taking for years. At this point, Deisyre feels as if life has only shown her what it feels like to be hurt. She is confused as to what love should look like, and she is angry with God for allowing her to experience constant heartaches. That is until Trevor Alexander comes into her world. Deisyre shares a special bond with Trevor; one that she can’t quite understand at first. Their relationship grows, and they share personal parts of themselves that they have never shared with anyone else. Deisyre begins to recognize the foundation of their attraction. It is an undeniable mutual understanding of real love that captures Deisyre’s heart, forcing her to fall madly in love with Trevor. Two problems threaten their love: Deisyre’s crazy ex-boyfriend Tim Wallace, and Trevor’s unstable ex-girlfriend Trish Parker.

She Will Be Loved is H. M. Trey’s tantalizing sequel to Window to the Soul of a Man. It is Deisyre’s account of how she was able to reach deep into the soul of Trevor Alexander, and how he returned the favor. Through Deisyre’s eyes, real life issues faced by a woman who has given up on the thought of a happy-ever-after are revealed, and even with a connection with her soulmate, she struggles to renew her faith in love. Can Deisyre get past all the drama that comes her way and ensure that her relationship with Trevor will survive, or will the drama kill it all?

Peace In The Storm Publishing
When We Were One by zaji


A race of women have lived in relative peace for centuries. But strange forces have come through the ages to finish what was started.

The opposing forces have their eyes on these special sisters who are unaware of what is on the horizon. These visitors will do anything to acquire the secrets of this ancient culture.

These women are unique in many respects, but none of their abilities can outweigh their ancient methods of reproduction. This, and the very thing that makes them strong, are what the visitors seek.

The sisters must go back through the annals of cycles gone to learn what they’d forgotten. It is in the past that they might be able to save their future.

When We Were One takes readers on a tour through memories of days gone. It is a journey that uncovers the soul of women and the spiritual miles they’ve trod. When We Were One honors nature and the vastness of the many universes that speckle the darkness.

This story honors women and their relationships. And it honors men and their connection to women.

Coming August 2015.


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