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Website Development Services

Static Website
per page
A static website for your online presence
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Blog/CMS (dynamic)
per page
Engage and interact with your visitors
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Responsive Website
per page
The dynamics of the web are changing with the advent of mobile phones and tablets. Be prepared.
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eCommerce Website
per page
Sell your products with style and flair
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Video Services
per video minute
Videos that complement your website
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*For extensive websites, a proposal will be created after a website consultation session.

Photographs & Images
Stock Photo/Image • $10 – $100 & up (for book covers, websites, etc.)
Custom Illustration$500 – $2,500 & up (for book covers, logos, etc.)(professional illustrator)
Personalized Photo • $100 – $900 & up (for book covers, websites, etc.) • (professional photographer)

**Prices subject to change.

Turnaround time is 4  12 weeks, depending on project scope. Website development/design projects will not exceed 90 days unless extenuating circumstances require it. Up to three (3) rounds of major edits included per project at no additional cost. All subsequent edits are charged at $50 per hour.

Fifty percent (50%) deposit
required to begin project. Deposits are non-refundable once project has begun. Remainder of payment due at project completion. In the event of client delays that exceed 90 days, intermediate payments will be required to continue the project. For extensive website projects, payments will be setup on a time scale with incremental payments due at established times throughout the project.

All projects
 are considered closed 30 days after completion. To revisit a project after this time will incur a cost at $50 per hour or be considered a new project. This does not include website maintenance.

We do not guarantee file storage. Your files may be deleted at anytime after 90 days from project completion to free up storage space.

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