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Building unique and powerful designs takes careful planning and skill. Creative Ankh is here to help you stand out, while ensuring your vision is realized and your website, book cover, video, logo, marketing and advertising designs are engaging, inviting and effectively branded. Creative Ankh will bring your dream concept to reality. 


Book Cover Design 98%
Graphic Design 92%
WordPress Development 99%
Website Design/Development 98%
Video Production 80%


zaji of Creative Ankh Designs is the most thorough, careful, imaginative, fun, and dedicated creator of book covers, flyers, posters, newsletters--anything that can be graphically designed--I have ever met. She worked closely with me to create 27 magical book covers in only three days (beating all known deadlines), and my book sales grew exponentially. I HIGHLY recommend this graphic design "magician."
Pittershawn is a tremendously creative and talented artist, graphic designer, editor, layout designer and book cover designer, as well as a brilliant author herself.  Pittershawn's excellent work with Amber Communications Group, Inc. and Quality Press, has not only enhanced all of our publishing and self-publishing efforts, but, helped increase our and our clients’ book sales, through her award winning book cover, layout designs and editorial work.Pittershawn is an extraordinary asset to any book publishing company or author, because she cares, is conscientious, and strives for excellence. We always look forward to our work with Pittershawn and her company.
I have been completely satisfied with the work that zaji has done for me as it pertains to book cover designs. As a matter of fact each cover that she designed has been done with 100% satisfaction. I recall getting back the first cover design that she did for me for Window to the Soul of a Man and was thrown back. I told her the concept I was looking for and the design that she brought forth blew me away. Every design from that point on was incredibly done by zaji…I love them all! I would definitely recommend her for book cover design work.

The Conjurer

Creative Ankh has been a labor of love. With over 18 years as  a website designer & developer, graphics designer and desktop publisher, I have the tools to help you create what you envision. I design for writers, bloggers, authors, editors, publishers and small business owners interested in unique websites, book covers, marketing and advertising creations that express individuality and company aesthetics. I build identities from the ground up by creating designs that bring life and professionalism to your literary work, business and overall image.

When I am not creating websites, book covers and various other designs, I am hovered over a Royal typewriter, stitching together words that build curious worlds. You will then find me at

zaji (aka Pittershawn)


Creations include website designs, book covers, video, ads, logos, fliers, invitations, journals, newsletters, banners, bookmarks, mailers, palm cards, posters, menus, magazines, brochures, letterhead, and applications. 


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